#9 - The Beauty Of Silence

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It was a very beautiful day as we trekked up the Lions Head in Cape Town, South Africa. The sky was blue and the weather just perfectly warm to go on a hiking tour. My wife and I are not die-hard fans of hiking and there are certainly routes which we prefer over others. Frankly speaking, we love it when there is change in the hiking path like straight out and some parts upward and so on. At the Lions Head Hike were also some parts where you almost had to climb. But it was never dangerous except for people with fear of heights. Anyways, as we arrived at the top of Lions Head after 60 minutes, we were really proud of ourselves and first we enjoyed the moment and of course took some pictures. After that I was looking for a place to sit down and enjoy the magnificent view over Cape Town and the South Atlantic Ocean. It was breathtaking. There were of course other hikers too and not far from us, there was a man and woman also enjoying the view. That’s what I thought.

I noticed that it wasn’t a couple like us, they obviously just met in Cape Town. Probably in a hostel or hotel and went for a hike together. One of the first reasons I noticed it was: the talking.

The man couldn’t stop talking, not for literally one second. He tried to impress her with stories of his life and other adventurous things he’d done, that he completely missed the point of the whole hike. Being on top of that mountain and just letting the view, wind, sun and energy through your body. It seemed like he didn’t want to embarrass himself on their maybe first date by not talking with her or just being silent for a couple of minutes.

It was in that moment, that I was really grateful for my long-lasting relationship with my wife. We were sitting there, both completely quiet for 15-20 minutes and not talking anything. Just embracing the moment together. By not talking with each other, we communicated more than the "couple" next to us.

Cape Town, South Africa

Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa

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