#4 - Expect The Unexpected

Ever heard of The Big Five? The term "Big Five” comes from the difficulty in hunting elephant, rhino, leopard, African buffalo and lion. When hunters wanted to kill one of these animals, they needed to get a license for each of them. But as the paperwork grew and grew, they government created one license called “The Big Five”, which included the animals above. But back to the story now. We were visiting a Game Park right next to Port Elizabeth and our Tour Guide asked us, which one of the Big Five kills most human. Me, as a non animal specialist, thought of the leopard or rhino. But I was wrong. It was the vegetarian African buffalo.

We were sitting in a big bus and were three meters next to the buffalos. When you observed them, they look pretty calm and reminded me of cows as they were laying there and eating their grass. In life it’s the same. So many times we are so sure about something to be true. It must be true. But when you have a closer look, you’ll find the problem where you’re least expected it - because it looked innocent. Just like with the buffalo with his nickname “Black Death” or "the mafia of the jungle" as they work in a bunch and kill others like that as well. So next time you think you’re sure of something, don’t overlook the “this can’t be it”, because mostly, they are. Life is unpredictable, so be prepared of the surprises and expect the unexpected.

Cape Town, South Africa

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