What is the 265 Challenge?


#34 - Write

Currently reading Maktub by Paulo Coelho. This part resonated with me: The master says: "Write! Wether it's a letter, a diary or just...

#22 - 29 years with 29 thoughts

Last week I turned 29 and I just wrote down 29 thoughts I had in mind. Each one of them is and might become its own post. Just sharing...


The average reading speed of an adult is about 265 words per minute. I've always wanted to write. But my writing isn't good and the only way to improve it is by constantly writing. So I set myself a goal of writing 265-word stories every single day.


I don't write a diary but always wanted to start, so this is it. It can be a learning, an insight, a tip, a how-to, an experience, a feeling, spiritual/religious, or whatever happens to go through my weird mind. It's an experiment to A) get better at writing and B) collecting my daily learnings.

Why do I post them online? I just feel like sharing them and maybe they will positively influence you.